Serving the Hereford and Palominas communities for 10 years.


We Are is a privately held business located in Hereford, Arizona. We specialize in large scale wireless systems, both over the air systems for Internet distribution to residences and businesses and in managed WLAN indoor and outdoor systems.

We operate a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) in the San Pedro valley with coverage that extends from Route 90 in the North to the International Border in the South.

(520) 732-2100

Our Values Trust Rural High Speed Wireless Internet


We use reliable and trusted technologies to provide the best internet service to over 500 residential and commercial properties throughout the San Pedro Valley FarePrice Rural High Speed Wireless Internet

Fair Prices

Our internet service packages are priced to be fair and competitive, with easy to understand pricing and no hidden fees.

Fast & Responsive

We strive to provide the best service we can, but inevitably issues will arise, and when they do we resolve them as quickly as possible; often within 24 hours of the problem being reported.

Meet TheTeam

Curt Vincent

President & Co-Founder (Partner)

A cyber security maverick and entrepreneur. Founder and leader of the Morgan Stanley Cyber Security Division for 15 years.

Curt has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the Operations Command Center at Bank of America and as VP of a Dev/Ops team at Goldman Sachs. Curt is also a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel who was recalled to active duty in a by-name request following 9/11 to be the Operations Officer of the Army’s Global Network and Security Operations Center.

Curt is an Adjunct Professor at Mercy College and is happily married to Maria, has two children and serves as a bass player in a very loud Christian rock band at his church.

Ben Tyler

Operations Manager (Partner)

Benjamin Tyler Is the Operations Manager and managing partner at HPAZNET LLC. Mr. Tyler has designed, implemented and managed microwave communications networks and facilities for numerous clients from governmental infrastructure projects to community educational facilities.

Mr. Tyler’s specialty is design and implementation of large scale wireless communications networks.

Mr. Tyler got his start in the communications industry working as a newspaper printer while in high school and later while attending Cochise College. During his free time Mr. Tyler enjoys hunting, fishing and outdoor excursions with his family.